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CSEBA one of the VIP attendees at CPC and World Political Parties Summit

CSEBA one of the VIP attendees at CPC and World Political Parties Summit
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Objavljeno: 06.07.2021 / 04:49
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BEIJING - CSEBA Presidency leaders attended on 6 July 2021 the CPC and World Political Parties Summit hosted by the Communist Party of China (CPC) via video link, focusing on the theme of “FOR THE PEOPLE’S WELLBEING: THE RESPONSIBILITY OF POLITICAL PARTIES”.

There were more than 10.000 attendees, CSEBA is one of the world 500 VIP invited attendee.

We note that the world today is undergoing complex and profound changes, as the trend of economic globalisation continues to surge ahead, science and technology develop at an amazing speed, and interactions among civilisations become increasingly frequent. The pursuit of wellbeing of people of all countries is getting closely intertwined as never before, coupled with both historic opportunities and risks and challenges.

The onslaught of COVID-19 has once again taught us that the humanity lives in one and the same global village which is evolving into an inter-linked community with a shared future. The difficulties and challenges confronting humanity can only be resolved through solidarity and cooperation. Political parties, as the fountainhead of national policies and proponent of people’s interests, play an important role in the political life of countries.

Under the new historic circumstances, it is the shared responsibility and common objective for political parties to ensure the wellbeing of their own people in a true sense and enable the attainment of wellbeing of all people towards the harmonious vision of prosperity for all.

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Chinese president, delivered a keynote speech at the Communist Party of China and World Political Parties Summit via video link in Beijing on Tuesday.

Here are some highlights from Xi's speech:

- International community has made great efforts to curb COVID-19 and revitalize the economy.

- We are at a crossroads, with choice of cooperation or closure.

- Win-win cooperation and coexistence are the only solution.

- All countries and nations are equally entitled to development opportunities and rights to development.

- Self-interest is narrow minded.

- Viewed from the perspective of "a global community with a shared future," the world is a vast and broad place full of cooperation opportunities.

- We need to champion the common values of humanity, foster broad-minded tolerance toward the understanding of values by different civilizations, and respect the explorations of different peoples to turn values into reality.

- Peaceful development is an unwavering goal of the CPC.

- We need to enable all countries to step up development cooperation, and see to it that the fruits of development are shared by all.

- Any political manipulation for the purpose of sabotaging the development of other countries and undercutting the livelihood of other peoples will receive little support and prove to be futile.

- There are different pathways toward wellbeing, and people of all countries are entitled to choose their own development paths and institutional models.

- Democracy is the right of all peoples rather than an exclusive privilege of the few.

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