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Selling assets of Beta-23 doo
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Datum objave: 29.09.2017. - 16:17:00
Zadnja izmjena: 30.09.2017. - 10:32:36
Based on the Decision on Bankruptcy of the Commercial Court in Belgrade 9 St.303/2015 dated 26 January 2017 (in force on 22 March 2017) and on the basis of the consent of the Board of Creditors as of 27 April 2014, in accordance with Articles 131, 132, 133, 135 and 136 of the Law on Bankruptcy (The Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No. 104/2009, 99/2011 – other law, 71/2012 – Decision of the Constitutional Court and 83/2014) and National Standard No. 5 on Manner and Procedure of Converting Assets of the Bankruptcy Debtor into Cash (The Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia 13/2010), bankruptcy administrator of the bankruptcy debtor


352 Vojvode Stepe Street, Belgrade

Corporate Identification No. 20332042


the sale of the bankruptcy debtor as a legal entity through public bidding

The subject of sale is the bankruptcy debtor as a legal entity, whose assets are made of:

A class business building under construction, at the corner of Proleterske solidarnosti Street and Arsenija Carnojevica Street, on cadastral lot 2833/2, Cadastral Municipality Novi Beograd, built based on the Decision on construction permit of the Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction of the City of Belgrade, Department for implementation of plans and preparation for construction IX-04 No. 351 – 106/08 as of 19 March 2008. The number of floors in the building is Cellar %2B Basement Ground Floor Gallery 6 Loft Crawl space with a gallery with the exit to the heliport on the roof of the building. The total gross area of the real estate is 52,604.45 m2.

2. Related equipment and stocks in accordance with the specifications from the property valuation of the bankruptcy debtor, in line with the specification enclosed to the sales documentation.

3. Receivables based on the property valuation study

Note: The list of total assets of the bankruptcy debtor, as well as its status, is given in detail in the sales documentation.

The initial price of the bankruptcy debtor as a legal entity is EUR 26,475,578.50.

Deposit for participation in the sale procedure is EUR 10,590,231.40.

The bid increment in the public bidding is EUR 100,000.00.

The values expressed in euros are calculated and paid in dinar counter value at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the payment date.

Public bidding will be held on 23 October 2017 at 14:00 at the following address:




Registration of participants starts two hours before the beginning of the public bidding, and ends 10 minutes before the beginning of the public bidding, i.e. from 12:00 to 13:50 at the same address.

The bankruptcy administrator Gordana Draskovic should be contacted for conditions a participant needs to fulfil in order to participate in the public bidding, 10 days before the public bidding at latest.

The authorized person: bankruptcy administrator Gordana Draskovic, phone 381 63 360 757, or e-mail address: